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Im exhausted. I keep looking at my sewing machine wishing my fingers would magically glide themselves while I kicked back in Miami, Florida with a margarita and take a breezy nap listening to the sound of the waves.

Instead I’m listening to Zzzeerrnnnnn;’

I keep thinking back to my trip to Miami a few months ago and I am still drooling over my next dip into the life of a beach goer. 

although’ one would wonder why as my first trip there I was bruised all over my face. Why you ask?Well there is no way around it. A picture fell on my face.... (whatd she say) well apparently when you push your trash can back into its place if it bumps the wall and you are even at the slightest angle you will get the biggest bruised face of your..... well I’ll just post a photo BUT

ONE also would wonder why id go to Miami BEACH of all places... when I absoutely despise Heat, Sand, and yep you guessed it GETTING WEEET. Nothing tops however, my dislike of sand. Boy do I hate sand. Ya know when it get all over  ya, .... YEAH, BUTT CRACK ......

....what? You thought I wouldn’t say it? Ahhh. I’d give a few sane days to have my feet in that hot sand again. That is if I had any sanity to offer. Ah the joys of being alive. So the point of today is I’m dreaming of the ocean and don’t clean before vacation. 



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